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Master the tech landscape & pursue a career by enrolling in IT courses in Australia.

Master the tech landscape & pursue a career by enrolling in IT courses in Australia. background image

Available Courses in Information Technology

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Why study IT in Australia?

It’s the modern age filled with technological advancement, and you’re living in a world where innovation is at its highest point. Every line of code pictures the future – that is the importance of information technology (IT) in this world. Why should you make it your career choice? Well, It's not only about finding a great job; it's about walking with the transforming trend of the future as well.

Therefore, choosing Australia to pursue a degree in IT can become your best bet since the IT sector in Australia stands out from the rest, as it combines modern teaching with hands-on experience, covering a wide range of topics such as software development, AI, and machine learning, as well as telecommunications, IoT, database programming, cybersecurity, and data science.

These international student-focused courses set the groundwork for a successful IT career and offer much more in terms of a healthy job market, globally recognised degrees, and post-study work visas as a pathway to PR. To become an IT professional in Australia, join forces with GMQ Global and follow our counsellor’s guidance in choosing the ideal courses and institution that best fit your passion.

Student Visa Eligibility Criteria for Studying IT in Australia

To apply for a student visa & secure your future to study IT courses in Australia’s most renowned institute of your choosing, you must take note of the following instructions:

  • Maintain a valid passport throughout your study duration in Australia.
  • Obtain an acceptance letter from your chosen university or institution.
  • Achieve a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 overall (with no component lower than 6.0) or a PTE Academic score of 58 (with no section below 50).
  • Show evidence of adequate financial resources.
  • Acquire Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Fulfill all additional legal requirements outlined in the Department of Home Affairs checklists.

Please note that the student visa’s eligibility criteria might differ based on individual profiles.

Benefits of Studying Information Technology in Australia

It’s no secret that the IT sector in Australia provides a thriving tech landscape of ongoing job prospects, attracting international students, as well as local students, taking up the challenge to make it their career path. Moreover, with 8 of the world's top 100 institutions, Australia most definitely offers a world-class learning experience and scholarship options, thus, making it a highly sought-after location for budding IT professionals.

The power of IT is present in every sector of any industry from small to big organizations, banking, health sectors to entertainment industries, the transformation to technological advancement has accelerated the field's demand. Studying Information Technology (IT) in Australia is a doorway to a world of innovation and opportunity. Here's why Australia stands out as the perfect choice for international students aiming to excel in the IT realm:


High Demand & Diverse Career Opportunities:

The IT sector of Australia has a diversified professional occupation spanning technical writing, web development, IT administration, and more. Thus, its job market is always looking for qualified IT graduates, offering lucrative career choices with good salaries.


Industry-Relevant Practical Learning:

Hands-on learning is what makes learning more enjoyable and knowledgeable, that’s what Australian universities are all about. This ensures that the graduates of the program are not theoretically prepared to face any problems, but have acquired practical knowledge too – as it makes a difference in the tech world.


Ongoing Learning Culture:

The IT business thrives on change and Australian institutions recognise this by creating a culture of lifelong learning. Employers' educational contributions help students, as does the ability to keep current on industry trends.


Pathway to Permanent Residency:

Completing an IT qualification or having appropriate job experience offers up opportunities for skill evaluations, thus, making PR more accessible. After being approved by the evaluating body, applying for a visa in Australia becomes a possible option for obtaining PR status.


Top-Quality Education and Faculty:

Australia's globally high-ranked institutions & colleges provide excellent education with world-class faculty members and well-designed courses.


Post-Study Work Opportunities and Multicultural Experience:

International students in Australia have access to numerous excellent post-study career possibilities after finishing their degrees, gaining exposure to the lively and accepting multicultural community of Australia’s job market.


Access to Leading Technologies and Scholarship Opportunities:

Australian universities give students access to the latest technologies, giving them a competitive advantage. Furthermore, several colleges or institutes provide scholarships to help with the financial burden of tuition expenses.


Vibrant Tech Start-up Scene and High Quality of Life:

Students may launch their own businesses thanks to Australia's expanding tech start-up sector. Aside from academics, students may enjoy a high quality of life in a secure and exciting setting.

Career Outcomes

The digital ecosystem in Australia continues to grow rapidly, with a projected 6.5 million people needing to be technologically sound and have digital skills by 2025 – which is why the IT job market in Australia is prospering, with an increasing need for technical talents every day.

1. Project Manager

2. Information Security Analyst

3. IT Consultant

4. Network Administrator

5. Systems Analysts

6. Large-Scale Data Modelling

7. Software Operations Support

8. Web or Software or Game development

9. Cloud Architecture

10. Cyber Security or Cyber Forensics

11. Data Analyst

12. Business Analyst

13. Systems Administrator

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