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Turning Experience Into Credentials - Your RPL Journey Starts Here!

GMQ Global, in collaboration with accredited training organisations, provides you with an outstanding opportunity to turn your expertise into a nationally recognised certificate through RPL. Our complimentary skills evaluation and conversion of your knowledge into a valuable qualification that lays the foundation for your success.

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Complete the assessment in just seconds, and we'll contact you to confirm your eligibility for an RPL qualification through our partner RTOs!

Get Portfolio Guidance

Compile the relevant documentation from your portfolio, such as your résumé, references, work samples, photographs, certificates, and overseas qualifications.

Get a Skills Review

Our partner RTO assessors will reach out to you in regard to the discussion of your skills and, if necessary, conduct a practical assessment.

Get Certified

Following the assessment, you will get a nationally recognised qualification from an institution affiliated with GMQ Global.

RPL with GMQ Global

GMQ Global transforms careers by partnering with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to convert your unique experiences and abilities into nationally recognised qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). We analyse your capabilities and develop solutions to bridge knowledge gaps, helping you towards the proper career milestones.
Access a broad spectrum of industrial qualifications provided by our partnered RTO. Reach out to us and polish your career with RPL certificates. Demonstrating unparalleled possibilities such as expanded career avenues and elimination of superfluous training
With our help, we believe your sector knowledge may be transformed into a coveted RPL qualification, opening doors to new jobs, increased income, and entrepreneurial endeavours.
Entrust GMQ Global in the process to kickstart your career the right way, as we believe, here is where your success story begins!
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All qualifications are awarded by our partner RTO’s


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Which steps are involved in earning an RPL certification?


Initial Assessment for Customised Pathways:

Begin your RPL journey with a customised assessment from one of our consultants, who will build a pathway that corresponds with your abilities and professional ambitions.


Document Preparation and Verification:

Determine the evidence/documents needed to complete your RPL procedure. We assist you in developing a complete portfolio that highlights your skills.


Portfolio Compilation and Evaluation:

Gather necessary documents to create a strong portfolio highlighting your job history, references, and experience, which will be thoroughly assessed by our experts.


RTO Document Review and Competency Validation:

Your portfolio is subjected to a rigorous review by our connected RTOs, guaranteeing that your competencies and skills are validated for the appropriate standards.


Issuance of Acknowledged Qualification:

Following successful assessment and validation by our partner RTOs, you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification validated by the college, indicating your formal accomplishment.

What are the benefits of having an RPL certification?


Saves Time & Cost

RPL is a practical & cost-effective option that recognises your existing skills and knowledge. Thus, saving time, energy, and money on redundant training.


Broadening Access to Knowledge

Without formal qualification, RPL enables you to break down barriers to education and gain expertise through diverse experiences to access education and training.


Immense Career Prospects

RPL propels your career by recognizing & certifying your valuable skills. Thus, opening a gateway to use those skills to follow your dream career.


Boosts Confidence

RPL assessments let you become more conscious about your skills & abilities, thus enabling you to set a mindset that lets you grow and conquer your passion.

Frequently Asked Questions
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